*NOW LIVE* BISPING SuperChat | UFC FIGHT NIGHT | MMA | Mayweather/Silva fights off!

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Michael Bisping talks with the best community in MMA

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Дата: 14 мая, 2022

9 thoughts on “*NOW LIVE* BISPING SuperChat | UFC FIGHT NIGHT | MMA | Mayweather/Silva fights off!

  1. Mike i wear contacts have done for years, i never have to adjust them at all, have you maybe looked into the fact you're contacts are not the correct fitting, not sure if you buy your's online (not a good idea) best to go to opticians get them fitted properly more importantly get the correct type and not cheap crap from online, not saying you buy cheap crap contacts lol, i tried ones from online they was garbage m8, not sure how it works in America.

  2. Hannah i think that's enough kids now. you are lowering the oxygen level of the planet and not adding much in the intelligence department.

  3. Having brought up 3 sons 2 daughters, i can see Lukas has a fantastic sense of humour clearly got it from his dad as Bisping has a fantastic sense of humour, oh and Bisping sons are much more easier to bring up than daughters lol, Daughters one word (BOYFRIENDS)😂😂

  4. Micheal is a beast just watched his film documentary the shit he dealt with and fighting with one eye omfg much respect to anyone that gets in there and fights but to go in it with one eye that is just on another level and to come out on top 👏 🙌👊👊👊

  5. Hey Mike. Great to see you getting better at the OBS. Love how you always have to announce it whenever you use it. ☝️🧐"Let's bring up the OBS" 😅

  6. Love the content Mike but do you really need the money from super chats?, half of the senders are probably skint but want you to notice and interact them. Asking your viewers for donations all the time by doing super chat videos seems a bit cheap when you live in a half mansion 🙂

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